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Guido R Zeller Banquet Room

Located at 3302 East Empire | Bloomington

Room Capacity

  • The entire Zeller Banquet Room will seat up to 70 guest.
  • Half of the banquet room will seat up to 30 guests.
  • 20 Guest minimum for room reservation.

Room Fees

  • The room is reserved for 2 hours. Guests may request additional time when booking the reservation and will be charged accordingly.
    • Half room hourly rate: $50 per hour
    • Entire room hourly rate: $100 per hour

Business Amenities

  • WiFi is available in our banquet room
  • An AV projector and screen are available upon request
    • No charge for usage of screen, $35 charge for AV projector.
      Click here for more information and images of the Projector.

Menu Options

20 Guest Minimum

Food and Beverage minimum requirements:
  • Half Room: $150 minimum food and beverage required
  • Full Room: $250 minimum food and beverage required

Food Options

Avanti's offers a catered buffet with a pre-selected menu.